Motorola Milestone gets Froyo Update Android 2.2 finally

Finaly figured out how to get the motorola milestone 2.2 Android Froyo update on mz German Milestone (GM). This is increadible, not only was it promised in Q4 2010, but also did Motorola have us jump through hoops to get it. No auto update here my friends. After getting frustrated with a few web suggested

Apple’s iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Cases Offer Comfort And Light Protection With Few Concessions

 Apple launched both its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus today, and along with the new smartphones it also debuted new cases for each. The follow the simple precedent Apple set out when it created the iPhone 5s leather cases: simple, solid color designs that are thin and have no moving parts, yet offer

SwiftKey’s Predictive Keyboard App Is A Free Download On iOS

 Rejoice, long-time iOS users, for you can finally throw off the shackles of the native Apple keyboard — cursing its erratic autocorrect habits for (hopefully) the last time — as you download a third party keyboard adventure of your choice, including Android veteran SwiftKey, which is releasing its first system-wide keyboard software app on iOS

Microsoft Brings OneNote To Android Wearables

 I suppose that wearables are the new place where cross-platform tools and services must reside. Today Microsoft brought OneNote to Android Wear devices. You can now OneNote from your watch. If you want to. Read More read full article on Microsoft Brings OneNote To Android Wearables —- Related Reading:

Seatylock Turns Your Seaty Into A Locky

 Do you value your bikey? Seatylock wantsy to helpy. This Brooklyn-based Kickstarter aims to help cyclists solve two perennial problems: the lack of solid, heavy-duty bike locks that are also portable and the tendency of snarfers to sniff and even steal bicycle seats. The lock itself folds into the specially designed seat and falls out

Tim Cook Holds Firm On iMessage Security: It’s Encrypted, And We Don’t Have A Key

 As Apple continues to come under some attack for how it handles iCloud security, the company’s CEO Tim Cook is holding firm on the company’s priorities when it comes to data protection. In part 2 of an interview with Charlie Rose, airing on PBS tonight, Cook is adamant that Apple is not in the business

Recruitment Trainwreck BranchOut In Talks To Be Acquired, May Sell Mobile Team To Hearst

 BranchOut’s story is a brutal lesson about building on someone else’s platform. After raising $49 million and growing to 33 million users, Facebook changed its viral channels leading BranchOut to starve. Now the “Linkedin Within Facebook” wants to throw in the towel. Sources confirm that BranchOut is in discussions with several acquirers in the recruiting

Swatch Group Head Nicolas Hayek Jr. Is Putting Smart Watches In The “No Fly Zone”

 A source close to the decision said that Swatch Group head Nicolas Hayek Jr., son of the late SG CEO Nicolas Hayek, is adamant that the company would not be pursuing smart watches inside Swatch itself or within any of the many Swatch brands. The source said that Hayek Jr. felt “burned” by a 2004-2005

DipJar Raises Funding For A Tip Jar Where You Pay With Plastic, Not Spare Change

 The move to a more “cashless” society has not been without its victims – namely, those whose incomes relied on the spare change and small donations that once came from customers emptying their pockets, but are now locked up in digital bits and credit card swipes. The lowly tip jar today often sits empty, as few carry around

Hey Microsoft, Acquiring A Hit Game Is Stupid

 Buying a game company is like buying an aging baseball player. You’ll need a miracle to get another hit. And while they might have plenty of fans, they probably aren’t making a lot of new ones. Mojang hit a grand slam home run with Minecraft, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft should pay $2.5 billion for

PopKey’s iOS 8 Launch Will Replace Written Language With The Expressive Art Of The GIF

 We’re on the verge of a linguistic revolution, made possible by the fact that Apple has opened up its iOS operating system to allow third-party keyboards. One of the first entrants will be PopKey, a project out of the WorkshopX creative studio based in Ottawa, which has created on-demand social photo printing service CanvasPop, among

Come To The TechCrunch Virtual Reality Meetup In LA On Sept 18th

 The night before the Oculus Connect conference, TechCrunch is bringing together the virtual reality community for an evening of cool demos, free drinks, and a chance to meet TechCrunch’s writers and VR startups in the space. Register here for the TechCrunch Virtual Reality Meetup. From 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the The Mondrian Hotel’s beautiful Skybar in

Leave “Sticky Notes” On Websites With Zurf Mobile Browser

 I’ve seen attempts before to make online shopping “social.” There have been Chrome plugins, Firefox plugins, browser overlays…I’m not sure it ever worked out. A startup called Zurf that presented from the floor at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2014 thinks differently though. I find their concept somewhat interesting and it solves a few problems. Read

Seed Is Creating A Truly Idiot-Proof Internet Of Things

 In the vast panoply of potential home networking protocols, there are only a few worth worrying about. Wi-Fi works well but it can go down and ZigBee and the like are sparsely supported. But Bluetooth Smart is local, secure, and easy to use. And that’s what Seed Labs is using to connect our lamps, our

Microsoft Promises More Surface Pro 3 Inventory Amid Tight International Supply

 I really need to learn how to bet. Today in a blog post, Microsoft’s Brian Hall promised that Microsoft will get more Surface Pro 3 inventory to the parts of the world where supply of the device is hard to find. The company noted Germany, China, Australia, and Korea as places where it might be